25+ Creative Shadow Photography – Dramatic Look Effect Ideas

In Creative Shadow Photography you are trying to use the subjects themselves to produce dramatic effects. For instance, if you were taking pictures of a construction site or some industrial setting you can get an explosive feeling when the sun is going down, just as long as the lighting is good and well controlled. This can be achieved with a variety of lighting techniques. The best lighting, therefore, is that which will work the most effectively for a given situation. A well-placed soft flash in this case would do well but not always.

With Creative Shadow Photography you want to get some interesting shots but you want them to also have a sense of drama to them. You want them to look natural rather than fake. It is the very element of drama that is important here. When shadow falls over something, it tends to become more apparent. If you are taking shadow photographs, it is extremely important to capture the slightest hint of light on the subject.

With Creative Shadow Photography you must also understand that there is no way to place the lighting to have it strike a shadow on a subject. All you can do is look at the subject and try to create the effect you want. Some photographers use a flash to help with this. Other photographers are so skilled that they only use the lighting. If you are trying to create a dramatic look effect using the lighting, you need to be able to move about while trying to achieve this. In this way you need to be in constant motion. If you are waiting for a light to come down and hit your subject then you are really going to miss that element of drama.

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