30+ Beautiful Nature Photography Ideas to Make Your Happy

The weather is starting to turn cold but that doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying the beauty of your garden-landscape. You can bring your imagination and creativity to the table and come up with beautiful Nature Photography Ideas to make your happy. You don’t have to spend hours photographing beautiful green plants, fluffy white clouds, beautiful ponds, creeks and lakes. The beauty of nature comes in the form of a spectacular sunset or sunrise.

One of the ways to capture beautiful scenery is to photograph what you see before you and create a frame around it. Take a picture of the sun setting from a high vantage point, so that the entire scene looks like a painting. Then use a blending technique to darken the edges so that they look like a sketch. Another way to do this is to take the frame and place it on a flat surface such as a table or counter top. Gently press down on the piece of cardboard or paper to fill the frame with shadow. Now you have a nice canvas for your next Nature Photography Idea to make your happy. You can also add a black border around the photo frame to prevent light from bouncing off of it.

Another idea to capture beautiful landscapes is to photograph where the sun sets. First of all, check if there are any other homes or buildings nearby to shoot. When there are, stand away from them. If you can, stand so that the sun is shining directly on your subject. Then taking the picture, simply adjust the shutter speed until you get the shot you want.

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