40+ Creative Animal Tattoos – Meanings of Popular Tattoo Designs of Animals

Animals possess physical and behavioral qualities that people can relate to ideas such as beauty, power, strength and temperament. Its no wonder that tattoos of animals are very common as its a way tat enthusiasts to express their emotions, instincts and even experiences. Whether the animal tattoo designs speak of ferocity, swiftness, purity and grace, here are some common animal tattoos and what they symbolize.

Bear – strong, aggressive and fearless animal that is a sign of fierceness and strength

Birds – symbolize freedom, flight, link between heaven and earth or represent spiritual and emotional states. Some of the most common ones are swallow, dove and stork.

Bulls – have various meanings in different cultures. For the Greeks, they represent the unleashing of uncontrolled violence while for the Egyptians, the animal is considered a creative force. Generally it stands for strength and vitality.

Cat – usually represent one’s household pet. Symbolically, it can mean independence, meditation or wisdom.

Cobra – represent sovereignty, life, knowledge and youth as depicted by the pharaoh of Egypt

Dog – known as man’s best friend, it usually presents one’s household pet. They are symbols of protection, companionship and faithfulness.

Dolphin – as tattoo design, its a symbol of both divine and wisdom.

Eagle – the king of birds which is a representative of high aspirations and spiritual achievement

Gecko – symbol of good luck while some relate it to dreams and rebirth or resurrection

Horse – stands for beauty and grace, strength, swiftness and stamina

Jaguar – largest of all the cat species which symbolizes strength and power

Lion – represents power, energy, courage and vitality, also used to portray Leo zodiac sign

Panther – symbol of freedom from oppression, stands for courage, power, valor and guardianship,
Ram – portrays the Aries zodiac sign, stands for masculinity and aggression

Turtle – means calmness and tranquility as well as symbol of long life and fertility

Whale – stands for fearless, power as well as strength and beauty

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