45+ Creative Twitter and Instagram Story Ideas to Engage Your Followers

Creating interesting and engaging Instagram Stories is the key to engagement with your followers. If you want your followers to become loyal, loyal followers, you need to engage them on a regular basis. By engaging your followers on a regular basis, you can help create and maintain a powerful network of trust with your viewers. Here is some creative Instagram Story Ideas to engage your followers:

You could also turn your Instagram Story into a competition. Each time your followers comment on your post or tag you in a photo, you can set a certain word as the caption for that story. For example, “these shoes are so cute”. In this way, each time someone comments on your story or tags you in a photo, they will be getting an incentive to say something in their comment. This will help you keep your audience engaged by setting up an incentive for them to spend some time on the site commenting on your stories.

Another way to engage your followers on your Instagram Story is to create a prompt for each post. Prompts are a great way to add a fun or interesting spin to your Instagram Stories. You can do something like ask your followers if they would like to visit a video game shop in their town or if they would like to go to dinner at Wolfgang Puck. You can also do things like ask if your followers have ever seen “White Fang”The Matrix” or if they know who Idar for. You can make it as broad or as specific as you like, depending on how creative you want to be.

Dela Santika

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